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Fast andflexible bioreactor for shaken fermentations and cultures.
Ideal for strain selection, process optimization, cell expansion, and small scale production.



Fully contained
Battery powered

  • Monitor and control your experiments from anywhere
  • Online measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, humidity
  • 3 programmable pumps for automatic pH control, feeding, bolus, etc
  • 2 luer-lock ports for sampling and inoculation


Increase titers

Antibody fragment produced in E.coli
857% increase in mAb production, demonstrating that lack of nutrients and pH control is a major factor causing low protein yields in batch shake flasks.

Increase capacity

Fit up to 13 ShakeReactors within an Infors Multitron
With just 10 minutes of set up time for each reactor,

the ShakeReactor effectively increases throughput


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Real time monitoring of CHO cultivations
Increased protein yield with the ShakeReactor (E. Coli)
Effect of starvation on E. coli
Effect of starvation on E. coli
Shake flask fermentations are a black box. Even frequent manual sampling won’t tell you what is going on. With continuous monitoring, the ShakeReactor reveals insights into how dissolved oxygen can indicate growth limitations.
S. Cerevisiae biomass with continuous feeding
S. Cerevisiae biomass with continuous feeding
Continuous feeding and pH control has a significant impact on biomass and product yields, compared with manual additions.
Media temperature during sampling
Media temperature during sampling
Every minute matters! Sampling cell cultures outside the incubator can harm your culture due to fast drops in media temperature and slow recovery. Even short durations at 32 °C can lead to changes in gene expression and growth.
E. Coli producing peanut allergen
E. Coli producing peanut allergen
In a head-to-head comparison between the ShakeReactor and shake flasks with peanut allergen-producing E. Coli, the ShakeReactor emerged as the clear winner.