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Our mission is to improve biotechnology research by making tools that are quick to learn, easy to use, and cost-effective.

We designed the ShakeReactor to streamline lab-scale cultivation. By automating tedious work and providing precise online monitoring and control, we let scientists focus on science.

Up and running in one day
In one day, we teach you how to use the ShakeReactor, setup everything in your lab, and help you start your first cultivation.

No upfront costs or CAPEX
Rent the ShakeReactors for a fixed monthly fee and buy single-use components as needed. You can rent for as long as you like or purchase the ShakeReactors if you prefer.

Easy cancelation, scale up or scale down
You can cancel your rental agreement at any time and ship the equipment back to us. Cancellations take effect at the end of the following month. Similarly, you can always increase or decrease the number of ShakeReactors you have.

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The ShakeReactor

is mounted on standard shake flasks and enables online-monitoring and process control. It is fully wireless, battery powered, and contains the electronics and the pumps for liquid handling.

The ShakeReactor comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. The standard battery lasts for 10 days, while an extended version enables 18-day runtime.

Single-use Components

All components with liquid contact are single-use and come sterilized, factory calibrated, and ready to use.

A set of single-use components consists of 3 liquid containers, and a sensor module with pH and DO sensors, filters for aeration, and 2 access ports. Single-use components come in two versions.

  • For 500 mL flasks
  • For 1000 mL flasks


The BioHub connects your fleet of ShakeReactors to the cloud. It uses the cellular network (4G), so it doesn’t need access to your local network infrastructure.

High-RPM clamps are available for high RPM applications, to securely fasten the ShakeReactor to the incubator.